Irv Gotti Plans To Take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

Irv Gotti Plans To Take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’


Irv Gotti and his brother Chris Gotti went the airwaves to rehash the 50 Cent feud this week, and now the former Murda Inc. creator is FIRING MORE SHOTS! Now, Irv Gotti is threatening to take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ out with his BET series ‘Tales’.

Checkout what Irv Gotti is planing and how he believes he will beat 50 Cent‘s hit series Power on Starz. Read on…

Irv Gotti Plans To Take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ has our money on 50 Cent’s Power any day, but Irv Gotti can give it a try and see if he will get some of BET’s built in audience to watch his series.

As you know 50 Cent and Irv Gotti are still beefing. The feud has been going on now for about 17 years now, and there are no plans of it ending anytime soon. This week Irv weighed in on Fiddy, so the Power creator said he’d slap the sh-t out of Irv. Shortly after the threat, Chris Gotti decided to EXPOSE 50.

This past week the two hip hop veterans exchanged shots through social media and interviews. Irv Gotti is taking the feud a step further claiming that his forthcoming anthology special, ‘Tales’, on BET is going to outdo 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ once it airs.

Umm, sure, Irv, whatever you say.

What is Tales about on BET?

Irv’s new series on BET will take Hip Hop songs and bring them to life in a creative way that you have never seen before.

Here’s a taste of Irv’s Tales on BET:

Bottom line, Irv is really doing some good marketing sh-t talking and stirring up controversy and hype for the show. Hopefully his show doesn’t fall flat and gets cancelled, because we all know 50 Cent will be howling if “Tales” is and EPIC FAIL.

Which series will you be watching? will be tuned into Power. Sorry Irv. We might record it to see what its all about.


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