Ice Cube Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump

Ice Cube Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump

Like many of us who have a brain, we all can clearly see that a 70-year-old bigot is NOT the right choice for President. Finally Hip Hop legend Ice Cube states he Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump!!!

Wake up America, if you are a person of color, or have pride in the USA then listen to Ice Cube…

Ice Cube Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump has just got word that N.W.A. rapper, Ice Cube told the world Saturday what he really thinks of Mr. Trump. and it’s NOTHING NICE!!!

Ice Cube CALLS OUT Trump for fraudulently using his name that he endorses the Republican circus clown.

Ice Cube took to social media to wake American’s up that this year is crucial that we all vote for Hilary Clinton and NOT Donald Trump. He is the demise of the United States. He is Nixon reincarnate. And if you are too young to know who Nixon was. He was the WORST President EVER in office. He RUINED America with Watergate. The next Presidents who RUIN this country and what do they have in common?

They were both Republican Party presidential nominees. They won and RUIN America during their terms in office. Wake up America, The Republican party has a clown as their nominee and they don’t want him either. He is a tyrant waiting for complete power. Don’t give it to him!!! VOTE Hilary Clinton.

Ice Cube is taking his stand a with the following tweets:

“I will never endorse a mothaf–ka like Donald Trump! EVER!!!”

Ice Cube Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump

A representative for the former N.W.A star told the New York Daily News that his post was a direct response to this tweet from Trump’s camp who wrote:

“”Hiliary’s not solving the problem, she’s just making it worse!” —Endorses @realDonaldTrump! #dtmag”

The tweet comes from an account that posts pro-Trump news links, claiming the 47-year-old star was endorsing the Republican candidate in this November’s election. Cube clearly shut down that rumor, but it didn’t stop there.

He then went on to post another tweet claiming the Republican candidate is “stealing endorsements” and doesn’t want his name associated with Trump in anyway.

Ice Cube Tweets:

Ice Cube Would NEVER Endorse Donald Trump

What looks bad for Ice in all of this confusion is that back in 2015 Cube was asked about Trump and he said people like him because he’s a boss. That’s great, but Trump is a successful business man doesn NOT equate good presidential candidate. Now a year later Cube is SHUTTING DOWN Trump for using this old footage from a bloomberg report from April.

What the clip below is missing is that rapper and actor Ice Cube sat down with Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann for a wide-ranging “With All Due Respect” interview. He spoke on becoming a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee talking about hip hop culture, movies and how his band N.W.A. was a politically defiant act. He also weighed in on 2016 politics, discussing Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the Black Lives Matter movement. NOWHERE in the interview did he support Trump.

Once again Trump proves he is a LIAR stealing endorsements that were NOT for him.

Here is the FULL Ice Cube interview with Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann:

Obviously Ice Cube changed his tune over the last year and realized to DUMP TRUMP!