Ice Cube: Black America HELP Spread The Word

Ice Cube: It's Time To Push The Contract With Black America

Ice Cube: Black America HELP Spread The Word!

Cube wants to close the wealth gap in America.

It time to “Spread The Word” according to Ice Cube, who recently stated “It’s Time To Use “Black Vote” To Help Change America.

Well, Cube wants Black America to stay focused and don’t let the government sweep this under the rug. He points out that the news and President are basically focusing their attention back on COVID and getting the contract for black America is still untouched.

O’Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube states that for every dollar a white person is worth a black person is worth .10 cents. That needs to end.

We have Biden and Harris running for the Democratic presidential ticket, they are the only way black America can get heard again.

You can leave Trump in office or we will see another four years of racism, prejudice, and hate. If you think things are back in the U.S. now, let Trump stay in office and see how bad it gets for everyone.

Like Michelle Obama said, “he is the wrong type of person” to be President. Read on to see why Ice Cube wants Black America to step up and spread the word… reports that we first told you about Ice Cube stating “It’s Time To Use “Black Vote” To Help Change America.”

It’s time to listen America. Voters screwed up last time voting for Trump, we cannot make that mistake again.

Get him out of the office and help Ice Cube complete the contract for black America. Head over to

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