How Will George Zimmerman’s Attorneys Argue His Whereabouts

How Will George Zimmerman's Attorneys Argue His Whereabouts-trayvon-and-dad-613-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) How Will George Zimmerman’s Attorneys Argue His Whereabouts?

The question that I would like to know is, how does the defense attorneys for George Zimmerman plan on arguing his whereabouts when he was clearly instructed not to pursue Martin further by Sanford 911 dispatch operators.

If you take a look at the photo of Zimmerman’s mugshot below, you can clearly see that he is a heavy set individual and even more so that he looks a bit menacing with the scruffy beard and earring.

Any seventeen year-old teenager being pursued and accosted by an individual who looks like this, in addition to the weight advantage who is in possession of a firearm would obviously have two choices, fight or flight. It is a natural reaction of the body which is triggered in the brain from the sympathetic nervous system. It is of no significant consequence who screamed in the 911 tape, Zimmerman had an unfair advantage in regards to size, maturity and possibly aggression. Had he not pursued Trayvon in the first place, Trayvon Martin would still be alive to this day. Period.

I believe that this is the issue that needs to be addressed. Zimmerman should be forced to accept immediate responsibility for his actions as opposed to the coddling that is being offered by the ‘justice’ system in Sanford, FL. George Zimmerman has had over one year to refine his story, in other words he lived to tell. Trayvon on the other hand is being made out to be a thug to appease those ignorant individuals who choose to celebrate the loss of life a child simply because of the color of his skin. Only in America.