Hold Up NeNe Leakes Not Quitting RHOA


Hold Up NeNe Leakes Not Quitting RHOA

NeNe Leakes is singing a new tune when it comes to another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and she’s about to whipe her floors clean with Kenya Moore!

Since the “Pillow Talk” brawl Kenya Moore has parlayed the episode into her victim files. And while the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies still blame Kenya for the Brandon DeShazer beat down. Kenya has been flipping the blame onto NeNe Leakes saying she purposelly stirred the pot for an unknown reason. The fued continued this week as Leakes shaded Moore during her charity event when giving a speech she was not informed about.

The former Miss USA has been on a promo tour to BASH NeNe while trying to claim she’s the new face of RHOA.

What’s next a platinum dye job? Should we stamp Kenya a Single Black Female or like Beyonce’s movie Obsessed?

Last week CelebNMusic247.com reported on the rumor that NeNe Leakes was threatening to quit the Real Housewives of Atlanta if Kenya Moore signed on board. However, a Bravo source reveals that is absolutely NOT true.

In the meantime, Kenya Moore continues to SHADE NeNe from her wigs to her facial features. But NeNe is not bothered by the 2 season deep RHOA star and vows to WIN the heated feud.

NeNe took to Twitter with a WARNING and Kenya should take heed she’s about to get annihilated!

Leakes writes:

Watch out Kenya a Hurricane is coming and it’s called NeNe!

Photo: Bravo