Hit-Boy Having Blast Opening For Lil Wayne

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Hit-Boy Having Blast Opening For Lil Wayne

Grammy winning hip-hop artist Hit-Boy, born Chauncey Hollis is having a BLAST opening for Young Money‘s Lil Wayne on the America’s Most Wanted Festival.

Hit Boy has produced hits like “N***** in Paris” by Jay-Z andKanye West, “Bow down” by Beyonce, and the Will.i.am/Britney Spears “Scream & Shout Remix.”

Hit is following the footsteps of producers-turned-rappers such as West and Diddy hoping to go from dropping beats behind the scenes to spitting rhymes in the limelight.

Hit explains that making the move from producer to performer was a smooth transition. Hit was discovered on Myspace by record producer Polow da Don in 2006 and before long Hit-Boy found himself working with superstars — Lil Wayne and Mary J. Blige.

Here’s the drop from the Fontana, California native who tells Courant:

“As far as rapping versus production it’s like hand and hand for me because I was rapping even before I knew I could produce.”

“Rapping has always come naturally to me.”

He adds:

“I thought of the title ‘Jay-Z interview’ and I just knew it was an ill title for a song.”

 “I feel like those videos and those songs as much as they are by me they’re bigger than me because I’ve seen the reaction people have. Kids who want to be artists get inspired by watching those videos and listening to those lyrics, I really put my real life into it.”

Hit-Boy says that when he’s writing a song it can start with either a beat or lyrics.

“A lot of times it’s beat driven, but sometimes I’ll just have some ill lyrics; I’ll freestyle some lyrics and I’ll write it in my phone and then I’ll find the right beat for the lyrics.” 

In regards to America’s Most Wanted Music Festival:

“It’s been a great experience, we just go out and bring that youthful energy and I’m being exposed to a lot of people who haven’t heard of me.”

 “T.I. and Wayne just bring great energy to the stage. I watch T.I. and Wayne’s set as much as possible every night. T.I. comes out on Wayne’s set and that’s always like a high point of the show.”

“I’m just spreading it to the people and keeping it going on both sides.” 

He reveals the when he steps offstage he forgoes partying and focuses on work.

“I try to keep the production stuff going as well as writing songs,” he says. “After shows I’m just back on the bus and I’m writing and just keeping the creativity flowing.”

Hit-Boy offered some advice for would-be-hit-makers out there.

“Believe in yourself, that’s the first thing that I always tell people.”

“Also keep the love of the craft and the art because that’s all that matters at the end of the day, and that’s all you have, that’s your voice, that’s what’s going to bring about everything else you want in life. So just stick to the music, and make the music as good as possible, and keep focused on the love of the craft versus everything else that comes along with it.”