Hip Hop Moms Courting Mama Jones and More


(CelebNMusic247-News) Hip Hop Moms Courting Mama Jones and More

There’s a new reality show called Hip Hop Mom’s on the horizon and it has all your favorite mom’s like Momma Dee, Mama Jones and Deb Antney!

We love the fact that hip hop mom’s Momma Dee, Mama Jones and Deb Antney are already part of the line up, except the series needs a green lite to proceed.

source tells AHH that some of the moms to the biggest names in Hip Hop are being courted for their own show and it’s very possible that these moms will sign on and bring their drama to the small screen.

Here’s the drop via Friday Foster, who writes:

“There’s a few hip-hop mom’s in the game who are friends and associates–think Bow Wow, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Lil Scrappy and Waka Flocka. They’re not one big group of friends, it’s more like sub groups of women who are cool with each other. The former three spend most of their time in Miami while the latter two (Momma Dee and Debra Antney) in Atlanta. They’ve all been courted and are still being courted every now and again for a reality show.”

However, Waka Flocka’s mom isn’t completely sold on the idea and as of now, she only wants to make small appearances.

As for the other moms they’re a little hesitant about doing the show and they are currently waiting for the right set up so they won’t embarrass their rapper sons.  One of the main Mom being considered is Jim Jones’ mom Mama Jones.

Now if they could only sign Kandi Burruss mom, Mama Joyce would bring all kinds of drama to the show…because this season she is really a true pain in the _____!