Hey Mona Scott Where Saigon’s Other Baby Mama?

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(CelebNMusic247 News) Hey Mona Scott Where Saigon’s Other Baby Mama?

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The Hip-Hop Socialite has something to say to Love and Hip Hop and cast member, Saigon.  Memo To Mona Scott-Young: Get Saigon’s Other Baby Mama On Love & Hip-Hop?

So there I was minding my business when I get an email from someone with whom I used to host a local video show. This person is now working as a publicist, and one of her clients is rapper Saigon’s baby mama (no, not Erica Jean, who’s currently starring alongside of him on Love & Hip-Hop…the other one). Apparently, this other baby mama (who we’ve heard about on the show, as she was pregnant by Saigon at the same time as Erica Jean) has been watching things unfold on the show, and wanted to give her side of things. According to the email from her publicist (pardon all the errors):

“My client is the ex girlfriend/baby mama of rapper Saigon, no not Erica Jean but the one who he cheated on with Erica Jean. On the show love and hip hop rapper saigon mentions how his kids are one month apart and that’s due to the fact that he cheated on his live in girlfriend (my client) and told her he was going on tour and he met this groupie named Erica Jean and while on tour they had a fling and in turn she had his baby while knowing he was already having one on the way with current live in girlfriend.”

Erica Jean…a groupie???

Anyway, I don’t have to tell you that I jumped at the chance to speak to her, but after proposing some days and times for us to get on the phone, she apparently got cold feet. After a couple of emails back-and-forth, her publicist ended up pulling the plug on the interview, telling me that they decided to let things get out on their own. In my mind, that means telling my faithful readers about it in this column, but whatever.

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