Heidi Klum Reveals Drake Suffered Minor L

Heidi Klum Reveals Drake Suffered Minor L

You may NOT have heard, but did you know that Drake tried to bag Heidi Klum?

What was Drake thinking, she’s Heidi Klum, the supermodel.

Anyways, the OVO boss suffered a minor L when Heidi Klum spilled the tea about Drake to Ellen. Read on…

Heidi Klum Reveals Drake Suffered Minor L During the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week Heidi Klum kept things 100 about The 6 God reportedly trying to lure her into a date.

The Thirst was real when it comes to Drizzy Drake.

During her appearance on Ellen, Heidi Klum went all the way back in her texts, February to be exact, exposing Drake.

She revealed Drake was “like a week too late.”

Check what the former Project Runway star had to say:

Someone who I know knows him, and I guess he asked to have my number, and then he texted me. And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so weird.’ But then I never texted him back because I found the love of my life. Sorry, Drake. You snooze, you lose. You know what I mean? He was basically like a week too late. … I mean, what do you do? I’m embarrassed about it. Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back — you’re cool. I still love your music! I’ll probably come to the concerts very soon!

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