Hazel E Airs Milan Christopher’s Dirty Laundry


Hazel E Airs Milan Christopher’s Dirty Laundry!!!

It appears that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is stirring the pot for ratings since Hazel E Airs Milan Christopher’s Dirty Laundry!

Remember Hazel E announced that she had quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood a few weeks back and now Hazel Airs her “Hollywood friend” Milan Christopher’s Dirty Laundry!


CelebNMusic247.com has this report after a fan tweeted the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, asking Hazel if Milan was a “real friend or a Hollywood friend?”

Coming as no surprise to us, Hazel responded:

Milan is a “Hollywood” friend. Which means that she doesn’t know him – He’s someone she either worked with or was placed together on a TV show like LHHH2 to act like friends.

Then the rapper proceeded to spill a whole bunch of Tea about how Milan is not her best friend and how he betrayed her by canoodling with her nemesis Jason Lee off-camera.

FYI: Milan and Jason are friends – so bird of a feather….

Checkout the back and forth action between Hazel E and Milan Christopher on Twitter – it’s a mess!

hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-1 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-2 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-3


Hazel fired back saying:

hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-4 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-5 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-6 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-7 hazel-e-airs-milan-christophers-dirty-laundry-1105-8

What do you think of Hazel E Airring Milan Christopher’s Dirty Laundry?