Harvey Weinstein Challenging Being FIRED

Harvey Weinstein Challenging Being FIRED


Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein staying quite about being FIRED from The Weinstein Company. He’s ready to FIRE BACK at the studio.

Read on to more Harvey Weinstein details….

Harvey Weinstein Challenging Being FIRED

This week, Harvey Weinstein Hollywood status is going down in flames after over a dozen Hollywood celebrities have all recalled their alleged casting couch moment with Harvey.

If you ask, Harvey Weinstein, he’s foggy on all of it. As a result of the reveal, his wife has filed for divorce and many of his Hollywood “friends” have stepped away from him.

His status is lower than a gutter, but Harvey Weinstein still refuses to accept what is happening, especially being FIRED The Weinstein Company. He’s ready to challenge the studio.

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Now a new report via PageSix reveals the following:

He will dial into the Oct. 17 meeting from a rehab clinic, while his lawyer Patty Glaser will be there in person, sources tell the gossip site.

Weinstein was fired by his namesake company’s board over the weekend over his sexual harassment scandal, but the movie mogul maintains that his contract allowed him to treat someone “improperly” as long as he coughed up the cash for damages.

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Glaser also plans on arguing that he could only be fired after a process of mediation and arbitration, TMZ reports.

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