Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim 2 and 3

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Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim 2 and 3

Director Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim 2 and 3 is in the works but the screenplay won’t be ready until Spring of 2015.

While speaking with Collider, got the details on Pacific Rim while Guillermo del Toro about his upcoming film Crimson Peak.  Toro gave a taste of what is to come with Pacific Rim. When he was asked about a sequel to the hit film Pacific Rim which starred Idris Elba fighting huge monster with robots he revealed there are two more on the way.

Guillermo del Toro says:

“Yeah I’m working with Zak Penn on the screenplays and with Travis Beacham and we’re slowly going bit by bit. I don’t think we’ll have a working screenplay until March or April and then by May or June we start pre-production to shoot at the end of the year.”

As for Pacific Rim 2, del Toro reveals:

“We got the first draft of the movie now, and we are going to spend another 4-5 months on the screenplay before we start pre-production. We start pre-production next year in August-September and start shooting November-December next year.”

In addition, Guillermo del Toro shared a little about the angle he’s going to take for the second film:

“The direction we’re going in is very different from the first. All I can say is some of your favorite characters come back, some others don’t because we have decided that we’re going to shoot ambitiously and say ‘Let’s hope we have three movies,’ so some characters come in at the end of the second, hoping that it will ramp up on the third one. I hope people like it but you’re gonna get a very different experience from the first one.”

Although Pacific Rim may not have ended on a true cliffhanger, it sounds as if del Toro and co-writer Zak Penn are aiming to leave Pacific Rim 2 with the kind of open ending that will necessitate a third

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