Glass The Tramp Remembers Michael Jackson


What you didn’t know was that Glass The Tramp was a friend of MJ. He and the King of Pop worked together, but it was NEVER released. Now Glass The Tramp Remembers his friend, Michael Jackson!!!

Find out what Glass The Tramp had to say about Michael Jackson on the flip…


West Coast funkpop star Glass The Tramp reflects on his day and dinner with “The King of Pop.”

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Michael Jackson, Glass The Tramp + Gypsy running on Melrose

Glass The Tramp is a rising star in Hollywood and is currently working on his debut album The Sticky Wicked Playground due out in Spring of 2013. Michael Jackson was a fan of Glass The Tramp as much as Glass Loved The King of Pop.

Today we reached out to Glass to remember and reflect on Michael Jackson and his Life. He revealed to us how Michael touched everyone he was around.

Glass tells us that Michael had away about him and that no matter how much you may not be a fan of Michael Jackson’s, you were sure to fall in love with him. He was such a young spirit and giving person.

Glass the Tramp reflects back on one of his most memorable moments with MJ and how he hung out with Michael on Melrose Blvd before he passed away.  Glass will never forget how nice Michael was that day, saying:

“I gained a new respect for Michael as he was one of the nicest people to be around.”

Glass tells us that Michael called him the next day to thank Glass for being so nice to him in his time of need.

This is what happened that day:

Michael was minding his own business when paparazzi were circling him snapping photos and not letting him get to his car. Glass the Tramp and his former band-mate Gypsy of  Gypsys, Tramps and Pimps came to Jackson’s rescue and the three of them were snapped by TMZ photogs running down Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. 

Once the three of them got to Michael’s car, Glass remembers how he was completely fascinated with his hair.   Michael kept pulling on Glass the Tramp’s hair, saying he Gypsy were like big action figures and he wanted to take them home.

Glass remembers:

“Michael took us out to dinner and it was a wonderful night just to be around the King of Pop.”

He adds:

“He felt it in the air last night,” regarding Michael’s passing.

When Glass found out about Michael Jackson’s passing he was horribly shaken up about the news. He remembers that day was like a dark cloud came over him and the music died a little that day. He will NEVER forget Michael and the time he spent with him. It was one of those precious moments in time that has become a timeless and unforgettable chapter of Glass’ life.

Glass said his goodbyes and attended the funeral with the family.  His heart goes out to Michael’s family and fans forever.

In closing Glass said goodbye to a music legend:

“RIP Michael you really touched my heart with kindness.”

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