Glass the Tramp Gets Andy Warhol Comparison

Glass the Tramp Gets Andy Warhol Comparison


Earlier in the year there was a comparison made about Andy Warhol and Glass the Tramp as he was named one of Andy’s top ten people he would love.

Get more on Glass the Tramp being compered to Andy Warhol…


Andy Warhol was known for his eccentric life style and pop art which makes complete sense that the “Sticky Wicked” singer.

If Warhol was still around today he would be friends with Glass The Tramp, a master mind of pop art and creativity, just like himself.

Glass The Tramp’s music is electrifying and funkadelic, its The Knack meets George Clinton meets West Coast rap!

It’s what you’ve thirsted for in music! You’ll soon desire and have a desperate hunger for his Sticky Wicked Playground. Just like music lovers did in the sixties, it’s all about to explode once again like prior iconic musical acts; Madonna, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Cee-Lo, Lady GagaGeorge Clinton and Parliament. They all made their mark and carved a new style of music and changed the game and face of rock, pop and funk.  Glass the Tramp has found a way to melt it all together and make it his own with his upcoming debut album The Sticky Wicked Playground due out in March of 2013.

This is what American Idol contestant’s strive to become, a true music superstar, either you have or you don’t and Glass The Tramp has what it takes to make the mark in today ever changing music industry. It’s ALL about to change once again after Glass releases his upcoming debut album.

Glass worked with musical pioneer and producer Young Trey creating a new sound all his own. It’s a fusion of rock Funk and hip hop blended into a hard hitting up beat stiff drink you might say. And in the words of Glass the Tramp “I’m your recess teacher” so “you better open you mind or you might go blind.”

Get ready, buckle up and sit back because the Sticky Wicked Playground is about to take off and you don’t wanna miss one of the most talked about and highly anticipated albums to drop in 2013.

Where do the beautiful people go?

To The Sticky Wicked Playground of course!!!

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