The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

The feud between Game and Meek Mill continues to escalate on the daily. Over the weekend Game posted a video and then today he’s BLASTING Meeky and a restaurant in North Philly!!!

Get all the details on The Game vs Meek Mill Feud…

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates has the latest tea on The Game vs Meek Mill Feud that shows Game is NOT showing any mercy on Meeky Mouse aka Meesha Mill.

The beef has stretched on now for a week and counting as Game continues to wreak havoc on Meek Mills credibility. This all started when Meek told Sean Kingston that he was robbed by Game and his crew.

How did the Game vs Meek Mill Feud start?

If you recall, Sean Kingston was partying in a LA club last week when he was robbed of his chain and more. He first called Game to help get his belongings back. Then he flipped the script and called Philly rapper Meek Mill, who said Game was behind it.

The accusation quickly turned into a hip hop feud as SHOTS GOT FIRED back and fourth from each camp. And Game promising to beat Mill down when he sees him. Jayceon has been going in on Mill since he weighed in and he is showing no signs of stopping. Especially since hip hop thirst traps, Beanie Sigel and Omelly jumped in, taking Meek’s side.

kicking off the Game vs Meek Mill, The “El Chapo” rapper pointed out Meek rides with dudes balls press on his back. He hints that it must be a feeling he likes. Sorry Nicki Minaj, that’s your man!

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

Game took to his Instagram to send out some WARNING SHOTS to #SqueakMeal aka Meek Mill:

“#MeekyMouse after I whoop his rat ass ???????? & how much crack you had to give that smoker weenie sigel to escape from rehab…. That nigga look bad homie… Stop posting pictures of that sick nigga, he need a bath, some warm food & a hug… Give me the fat sigel back & take that saggy titty, sucked up sherm head back to #SelfHelpMovement Rehab Center Of Philadelphia…. The address is 2600 South Hampton Road Philadelphia, PA 19116….. Take that nigga back now so he can get better… He ain’t in his right state of mind…. #PrayForSigel #ShitReallyHurtMeToSeeYouLikeThat #NiggasSupposedToThrowUpTheROCNotSmokeIt #GetWellSoon & as for you Meesha, soon as I get to a studio, you & Eddie Kane both bodied !!!!!!! You can run & go dig up anybody you want…. You still gettin yo ass whooped & I don’t wanna hear that I don’t fight shit….. See you soon “L” Debarge ?? #NickiWriteYaVerses #AndYouMakinRapGroupsWitCrackHeads #GTFOH nigga….. #WESTSIDE”

Jayceon followed his remark with adding more wood to the fire of the Game vs Meek Mill feud.  Check out the diss track called “Pest Control”:

Fast forward to today, It all started when Game posted an Instagram picture of a sandwich from Max’s Cheese Steak, a spot Game had been told to go after he hit up the more touristy Geno’s in South Philly last week.

Here is the “Ryda” rapper at Geno’s:

“Shout my man Anthony @genossteaks for looking out for me & the gang when we slid thru….. had to hit eem wit the $100 tip… I appreciate it… always love #Philadelphia (typo)”

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

Shortly after Game’s post, the location denied that the rapper ever entered the restaurant, but it wasn’t long before Game posted a Snapchat from the area to prove he’d been there.

Of course Meek Mill joke about the alleged fraudulence of the rapper’s posts, writing:

“Ya edited ya voice in somebody video… OMFG… you hurting yaself more carry on you killing yaself lol.”

Game vs Meek Mill feud Tweets:

Game followed Meek’s comments with a round of BLASTS, writing:

“#Meesha think she slick…. ain’t no hidin from this ass whooping you got coming ??????????? #Ooouuuuuu #StayOutYoGirlWigs #DickChasers”

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

He followed it with this

“This nigga #meesha side bitch @tak215 gone show up 3 hours after we bounce talkin bout niggas ain’t come there…. boy if you don’t take yo fat black ass to sleep & get some rest so u can wake up early & wash meesha nuts for eem’….. tell you what, since you so tuff… you square up wit @Wack100… #McMumbles square up wit @BwsByrd & me & Lil meesha can catch our fade….. all that funeral talk u doing on ya gram ain’t scaring nobody & its gone back fire on you #DickChasers #PhillyYallGotRatsMakinYallLookBad & yall ain’t gotta worry bout @akademikstv ?? I’ll do it this time !!!!”

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

Then he weighed is saying this about Mill:

“Now I’m going to kindly take my NORTH PHILLY cheesesteak to go…. & eat it on the bus…. We drove 2 hours out the way cause y’all said Max’s was better than @genossteaks…. ??? we bout to see…. oh’ & lemme guess.. we came to north Philly, but we ain’t gone go to WEST PHILLY….. Philly, I LOVE YOU….. now, Rhode Island… here we come !!!!!!! #Ooooouuuuuuu And shout out my folks next door at #TheClockBar ? #NextTheyGoneSayIWontGoToAlaskaAndGetASnowcone ????”

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

It didn’t stop there. The Game vs Meek Mill pushes on, since he added this over the weekend:

“So 1st, it was just me vs #MeekyMouse then he went & got his big cousin cause he can’t fight…. Then we figured out this nigga cousin can’t rap.. so these idiots go get Beanie Sigel & bring him outta retirement to write they raps…. only to get bodied on #PestControl as a group !!! Then niggas say I can’t come to Philly, so I go get a cheesteak from @genossteaks in SOUTH PHILLY…. then when I get there, niggas say.. I’m at the tourist spot… naw nigga.. I’m where #Meesha shot his video at cause that’s all I know.. I aint from PHILLY nigga, I went where they went… & #McMumbles #Mmm #Mmm #Mmm is from SOUTH PHILLY & we pulled 2 BIG ASS tour buses up wit my face on the side… ordered food, sat there for a hour & ate that shit !!! Wasn’t bad by the way ??? lol…. so then now that I’m in SOUTH PHILLY, niggas saying why you ain’t come to NORTH PHILLY….. I see I’m gone have to.. then when I get there, what they gone say… why I ain’t got to WEST PHILLY ??? LOL…. y’all got this shit fucked up…. Game is good EVERYWHERE cause I been solid EVERYWHERE !!! Niggas tryna turn #PHILLY against me…. naw, i fuck wit the WHOLE PHILLY… I just don’t fuck wit ya man #MeekyMouse cause he a ???????????????? now you mad cause Sigel told @persianicole that he wrote y’all shit on the diss song so y’all jumped y’all own man at the Puffy concert… ???? you niggas is characters b…. I went to South Philly cause that’s where Meek shot the video & his non rapping Ass cousin is from 10 blocks from Geno’s… 2 big ass loud ass tour buses sliding down them tight ass streets & nobody heard or saw nothing huh ??? & #Meesha from NORTH PHILLY but don’t be around there no more cause AR-AB & his niggas running that now…. you turn ya comments off cause you got tired of seeing them ??’s & L’s…. what about yo fans Nigga ??? They can’t holla at you no more on the gram ??? Tell u what… all #Meesha & #DickChaser fans come over here & talk to me…. I’m in the comments & we can holla… whether you hate me or love me… we can cop it…. #OOOOUUUUUUUU #AndImHungryAgain #IsNorthPhillyOnTheWayBackToNewYork [ASKS BUS DRIVER] nope, but we can go.. ?”

The Game vs Meek Mill Feud Escalates

Then the West Coast rapper posted this video:

At this point, Meek Mill NEEDS to sit down and just let Game rant!

What do you think about the Game vs Meek Mill feud?

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