Game Shows off The Grey Room Krüe


Game Shows off The Grey Room Krüe

60 Days of Fitness: It’s that time of year again and staying fit is a must, so we have some exclusive photos of Game and his Grey Room Krüe showing off their body‘s glistening in the summer sun.

Game is still proving that @60DaysOfFitness works and if you haven’t started on your journey, then here is more proof to get cracking on you body and get in shape.

Pecs, ads, skin and muscles oh My!

Jayceon aka Game writes:

Today‘s @thegreyr00m krüe. @agostinafitness fucked us up in that bitch REAL TALK !!!!!! @60DaysOfFitness

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Ladies don’t you want to come home to a fine man like Byrd and Game and men don’t you wanna get your body back in shape so you can get the ladies like Byrd and Game?

Take a look: