Game New Album “Has Been a Moment of Solidarity”

Game Says New Album "Has Been a Moment of Solidarity"

Rapper Game has been turning heads and raising eyebrows over the past week after snippets previewing some pretty graphic lyrics about Kim Kardashian and himself.

Kanye West has not responded to Game, but the West Coast rapper offered an apology to Ye in the lyrics of the track. However, Game is now speaking on his new album and what it means to him despite the news that he that he used to make “frosted flakes” for the Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner. Read on…

Game Says New Album "Has Been a Moment of Solidarity" reports that Game is gearing up to release some new music, including an album which is taking him to legendary status to hip hop heads in the business and fans.

Over the weekend, Game took to Instagram to talk about the project and how much it means to him.

He first posted this about the upcoming masterpiece wearing a Biggie T-shirt:

The music just feels right in here… Had to summons the late B.I.G. last night in the booth…. @fashionnovamen wit the vintage Biggie & Puff drip?

He followed it with another post on his Instagram account saying that the project “has been a moment of solidarity.”

Game explains:

This album has been a moment of solidarity for me between myself & my truest fans. Other than them, the only reason I do this is because of my children, my immediate family & my closest friends. If you are on the other side of the fence for whatever reason & have a problem with me or the things I do in or outside of music... FCUK YOU, from the bottom of my heart !!! Sincerely, The Game #BornToRap

Game Says New Album "Has Been a Moment of Solidarity"

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