Gabrielle Union Set To Sue ‘America’s Got Talent’ Over Firing

Gabrielle Union Set To Sue ‘America’s Got Talent’ Over Firing

Gabrielle Union Set To Sue ‘America’s Got Talent’ Over Firing!

Things are looking very bad for NBC now that they have a potential labor landmine under their feet with Gabrielle Union’s forced march exit from America’s Got Talent. Read on for more on Gabrielle Union  lawsuit against America’s Got Talent… reports that NBC’s shocking decision to fire Gabrielle Union from her spot as an “America’s Got Talent” judge after one season, could lead to a lawsuit.

Originally, Gabrielle Union previously signed a three-year contract with NBC, but the network had the choice to select her or drop her after each season.

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, Gabby’s team learned that the network decided not to keep her for the upcoming season. This was said to be a shocker since social media played a major part with advertisers, and Union had more followers and engagement than all of her three current co-judges combined, as well as the previous judges combined.

Here is why:

According to reports, the actress was informed that a 10-year-old Black rapper wasn’t going to be selected because the competitive talent show

“America’s Got Talent” needed a contestant ‘Amerca could get behind.

The child later allegedly collapsed on stage after being told he was eliminated. of course, that part was cut from the show when it aired. Union was reportedly so upset about the elimination that she went outside for five minutes.

Basically, it was a racist decision, but no one could admit the truth of the matter in hand.

Things got worse from there.

When she returned, judge and executive producer Simon Cowell was reportedly livid and gave Union a stern talking to in his dressing room. He also reportedly asked her to come to him with her issues, not the network. Union allegedly saw this as Simon Cowell’s attempt to hide workplace problems.

There also are reports that Simon Cowell illegally smoked indoors, and producers began viewing Union as “difficult” when she took issue with the habit and stated that it was bad for her voice and health, as well as the staff and crew. Still, despite her efforts, she was unable to get anyone to check Cowell about it, including the fire marshall.

Then, producers allegedly didn’t like Union asking the drag contestants what pronouns they preferred to be addressed as. Seven insiders told Yashar Ali that producers perceived Union’s push for diversity as


Gabriel Union ruffled feathers with AGT when she reportedly looked out for the staff and crew and wanted to maintain a healthy work environment for those on and off-camera.

As of now, Gabrielle Union is, “exploring her legal options against the network.”

We wish Gabby the best in her legal pursuit!

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