Future CLAPS BACK at Critics Over Rolex Gift to His Son

Future CLAPS BACK at Critics Over Rolex Gift to His Son

Over the weekend, the internet weighed in on rapper Future after he posted a photo of his son wearing the brand new Rolex he bought for his sons fifth birthday.

Future garnered some major heat from social media after he posted a video of his son Future receiving a Rolex watch. Read on to and see how Future Claps Back at haters…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Future was instantly compared to his sons step-dad Russell Wilson the highest paid NFL player in the game.

In the video and photo you see Future Jr. getting the Rolex and saying “thanks…” like any five year old would. Does he know how expensive the watch is? Probably not.

Social media started slamming Future by comparing him to his step-father’s message on Instagram which mostly shared his thoughts on his relationship with Baby Future.

Future CLAPS BACK at Critics Over Rolex Gift to His Son

While the gesture may have been innocent, many felt the gift was excessive and unnecessary for a child Future’s age.

One user tweeted slammed Freebandz:

Future copped his lil man a Rolex for his Bday and he woulda been just fine with some Sour Patch Kids.

Another user chimed in saying:

Baby future waiting til tomorrow so he can trade in that Rolex for a pack of gum & jolly ranchers in the playground.

Future Hendrix didn’t take too kindly to the backlash and now he is CLAPPING BACK at the haters in a series of Tweets:

He wrote on one tweet:

Love yourself 1st and be able to live with every decision u make with no excuses…Let’s focus on uplifting each other free of charge if u really want to make a difference… keep them bad vibes to yourself.

Future continued:

These blogs should put y’all on payroll. Working for free all day is slavery.

Then Freebandz checked the trolls saying:

How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media???

Check the tweets:

Future CLAPS BACK at Critics Over Rolex Gift to His Son

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