Freddie Gibbs Says Major Label Critics: ‘Them N-ggas Can Eat A D-ck”

Freddie Gibbs Says Major Label Critics: 'Them N-ggas Can Eat A D-ck"

When it comes to critics rapper Freddie Gibbs has NOTHING nice to say after he signed a deal with a major label.

Freddie Gibbs has been an independent artist for years so he decided to make the move to a major label, but some people are too pleased with his decision. Read on… reports that Gibbs is now signed to Records/Keep Cool and some of his loyal supporters are not happy about it, but Gibbs says he’s the Kevin Durant of the Hip Hop game.

Basically, Freddie Gibbs doesn’t give two F’s about the critics because this is his life and his career that he needs to worry about.

The “Built for This” rapper had this to say to Billboard about things and his critics:

That’s a good question. Right now, I feel like Kevin Durant when he was going to the Warriors. I’ve been doing my sh*t, and I just haven’t been winning the chips. Me going over with [RCA’s executive president of A&R] Tunji [Balogun] and Keep Cool to RCA, it’s about to be steroids on this sh*t.

He continued:

Them n*ggas can eat a d*ck. I got kids. Any motherf*cker from outside looking into a business could try to tell you how to run it, but they don’t know. They don’t know how to do this sh*t, because if everybody could do this sh*t, y’all would be doing it. We know what’s best for us and what we need to do. This is what we’ve been waiting for and what we’ve been grinding for. This is an opportunity to compete with the best on the best level. I could run circles around these little independent n*ggas all day. I want to be up there with the top echelon rappers because that’s what the f*ck I am.

Freddie Gibbs Says Major Label Critics: 'Them N-ggas Can Eat A D-ck"

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