Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs’ Extradition To Austria Ordered By Court


Things are NOT looking good for Freddie Gibbs was arrested in France on June 2, for being a suspect in a 2015 rape case in Austria!?!

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Freddie Gibbs has been keeping on top of this and we’ve just gotten word that a French court ordered Gibbs’ release on bail for $56K.

Freddie will be getting extradited to Austria thanks to a French court ordered. However, Gibbs has 72 hours to appeal the extradition.

Michael Malka, Gibbs’ lawyer, said he “has no intention of escaping justice, whether French or Austrian,” and that Gibbs wants to turn himself into Austrian authorities of his own volition, rather than be subject to the “harsh transfer procedure.”

Gibbs’ lawyers, Scott E. Leemon released this statement:

The order was not surprising and it doesn’t change the fact that these are false allegations.

We are still hoping that once the Public Prosecutor in Austria interviews Freddie she will decide not to go forward. If she does decide to go forward, Freddie will fight the charges with everything he’s got.

Previously, Gibbs and his attorney denied the allegations in court saying:

Gibbs “categorically denies the allegations made against him by Austria and is even very surprised that Austria is taking this on a year later, just as he is on tour in Europe.”

What are your thoughts on the matter of Gibbs innocence?

Photo: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns/Getty Images


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