Former Girlfriends Star Now Homeless and Dying

Former Girlfriends Star Now Homeless and Dying

Former Girlfriends Star Now Homeless and Dying!

What is going on with Reggie Hayes, 51, the actor who played William Dent on the hit series Girlfriends? Read on regarding Former Girlfriends Star homeless and dying…


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Can’t believe I haven’t posted this one yet #reggiehayes #williamdent #girlfriendstvshow #girlfriendsthemovie

A post shared by reggie hayes (@reggieh69) on has learned that Reggie who starred alongside Golden Brooks, Tracee Ellis Ross, Persia White, and Jill Marie Jones was recently HOMELESS.

Reggie Hayes had a role in Girlfriends, a successful and long-running TV series, but now he’s broke?

Hayes recently spoke with The Chicago Tribune and told them that acting jobs dried up since the show ended in 2008, and he now suffers from congestive heart failure.

The actor says he tried to work as a bouncer but didn’t have the temperament. He also tried moving furniture but said he didn’t have the back for it.

The Chicago native is struggling to find work and battling congestive heart failure. So he is NOT dying!

Here’s what he said about his homelessness:

It was a difficult time, money-wise, I had started a complete rebuild on my house and all of a sudden I didn’t have a job. But the house was on an amazing piece of land and I was able to sell it and break even,” Hayes told the Tribune. “So I moved from a house on the hill down to a little bungalow in a sketchy area and people would come by: “What the hell are you doing here?” Those were pretty awful years. I made it work with my little residual checks for a year and then I ended up moving into my sister’s garage for six years.

And regarding his health, Reggie explains:

So I was in the hospital overnight, they were having trouble getting my blood pressure back down. Seems like the more they look, the more problems they find. The good thing is, I don’t have the coronavirus.


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Fuck you 2020. Its just one step forward and two steps back this year #reggiehayes

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