Fetty Wap Shooting, 3 Wounded; Alleged Shooter Caught

Fetty Wap Shooting: 3 Wounded Chain Snatched

Rapper Fetty Wap found himself in the crossfire of a violent shooting that left 3 people wounded and his chain got snatched!

Flip and get the details of the Fetty Wap shooting at a 24-hour deli in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey…

Fetty Wap Shooting: 3 Wounded Chain Snatched

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that over the weekend USA Today affiliate The Paterson Press reports that Fetty Wap almost lost his life in a shooting.

Fetty Wap was involved in a dispute that led to gunfire at a 24-hour deli in the early hours of Saturday morning. The hip hop star was not injured in the incident but his chain was snatched.

Fetty Wap Shooting: 3 Wounded Chain Snatched

Fetty Wap Shooting Details:

Way, born Willie Maxwell, and a group of friends were present when shots were fired around 5 a.m. local time. Three people reportedly sustained non-life threatening injuries and were transported to two local hospitals for treatment. Fetty Wap and his friends are not considered suspects in the shooting or a robbery, per NJPD.

Authorities did not confirm to The Paterson Press that the incident also involved a fellow recording artist, and did not offer information on the victims’

The “Trap Queen” rapper has yet to comment publicly on the incident.

On Monday, NorthJersey.com reports, Paterson police detectives arrested a 36-year-old city man on assault and gun charges early Monday in connection with the shooting.

The suspect, Raheem Thomas, the head honcho of The Muscle Team allegedly wanted Fetty Wap to know it ain’t safe for him in his hometown anymore.

Raheem Thomas, was apprehended near his home on North Third Street, after a dispute that police say took place inside an all-night South Paterson delicatessen between Fetty Wap and his friends. Thomas was charged with several gun crimes stemming from the fight inside the deli, but he was not accused of any offenses involving the shooting, yet.

Police Capt. Patrick Murray confirmed that Thomas was not among the wounded. Investigators are still looking for suspects in the case.

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In addition, Raheem Thomas aka Fuzz was caught on video Threatening Fetty Wap in December 2016.

TMZ reports:

Apparently Raheem Thomas aka Fuzz believes he’s done a lot to boost Fetty’s career, but he’s getting nothing in return. He also calls Fetty a sweet little boy, he ain’t o gangster.

Basically, there has been a serious beef going on with Fuzz and Fetty Wap since he became a hit in the music industry. TMZ cameras caught Raheem Thomas leaving SiriusXM studios in NYC in December when he went on a homophobic rant, blasting Fetty’s “gay ass” for “blackballing” him and his Muscle Team artists.

Check it, because he let Fetty know that he ain’t saving his ass no more. You can see one of the Muscle Team artists say it ain’t safe for Fetty no more!

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