Farrah Abraham Suffers Botched Lip Surgery


Farrah Abraham Suffers Botched Lip Surgery

OMG! Reality TV star and Queen of the back door Farrah Abraham Suffers Botched Lip Surgery having an allergic reaction we wouldn’t wish on our enemies.

CelebNMusic247.com has the tea on Farrah Abraham who chose to take the cheap road when it comes to having her lips filled. While Facebook critics are pleased to see that Farrah is Suffering from a Botched Lip injection, the mishap landed her in the emergency room!


Farrah’s puffed-up lips were the result of ill-advised plastic surgery experimentation. What is so disgusting is Farrah is so obsessed with having thick lips that she had the surgeon slip an implant in her upper lip so she doesn’t have to do the injections so much. She should have just stayed with the surgeon she knows and trusts.   This screw up makes her look like Leela from Futurama. #FarrahAbrahamLips #FarrahLeela #Futurama



Here is what TMZ reported on the tragic incident:

Instead of pursuing her usual lip injections, the reality star opted for an implant. In theory, this approach is less expensive, as it allows the patient to avoid pricey maintenance work.

After researching the procedure and her chosen doctor, Farrah decided that the implant sounded like a good idea. She did not, however, suspect that she’d have such a bad reaction to the anesthetic injection!

Luckily, Farrah was in good spirits to make fun of a bad situation. She captioned the snapshot:

Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya,” using a series of hashtags to explain that she was currently in a California emergency room.

Later, she tweeted another picture of her massive lips, quipping, “Gotta love my new look.”