Famous Musician Who Like to Gamble

Famous Musician Who Like to Gamble

Gambling is an activity that anyone can have fun and enjoy. Be it a famous celebrity or a daily salary worker; it doesn’t take enough time to involve in gambling.

Read on to learn more about the famous musician who like to gamble…

The famous Musicians and the other actors are no exception. Casino gambling and music go synchronically like a well-crafted composition.

Whether it’s a quirky song originating from a live casino or an online pokie booming out hits from Jimi Hendrix, there’s always a bit of music in the air when you place a bet. Thanks to this melodic relationship between the two businesses, it’s rather shocking that numerous of the world’s topmost musicians have attempted their hand at casino games.

As there are multiple sources to include in gambling both online and offline, now people can participate in gambling virtually at any time and anyplace. Online casino games have modified at a large scale and nowadays can be obtained through our mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. There are various casinos which offer loads of virtual casino games such as online slots, online poker and so on. It is to be remarked that games such as online blackjack, online poker are getting more successful each moving day.

As we mentioned above that there is a powerful connection between the two activities, it is not unusual to notice that loads of top music stars have also been gamblers at some point in their profession. It might be a task at the blackjack table, a poker competition, or slots those that do great with words tend to be drawn by the adrenalin delivered by playing at the casino. The truth that musicians and pop stars earn vast sums of money and can have long intervals of free time to hit means that multiple of them love to gamble. From slot machines to blackjack and poker, the list of games that famous musicians love to play is endless and different.

Gambling is a fun activity and celebrities seem to enjoy it even more than the ordinary people. Famous musicians can be seen enjoying their time at the high-limit Poker or Blackjack tables even when they are not in Las Vegas. Legendary artists have exciting stories about their gambling adventures, and we are about to share them with you. We have compiled a list of musicians who were/are involved in gambling.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleScott Ian:

Scott Ian, a famous rhythm guitarist, vocalist and founding member of the thrash metal band Anthrax, also loves to gamble. In many Scott Ian interviews, we could see his other interests. Scott likes to spend a lot of his time playing poker. He even pursued a professional career as a poker player.

Scott Ian became interested in poker as a little child. He started to take poker seriously back in 2016 when he won the VH1 Rock & Roll Celebrity Tournament. On that occasion, he had a chance to play against Sully Ema, Dusty Hill, and Ace Frehley. Playing poker came quite natural for Scott Ian who has a lot of patience and great instincts.

In one interview, he said that thanks to technology he can now enjoy himself more playing poker since he no longer needs to juggle poker and his music career. Today he enjoys playing poker online.

While at Poker Classic, he met Phil Hellmuth, who is considered the world’s best poker player. Phil taught Ian much about poker games, therefore shaping him to be the icon he is today.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleLemmy from Motörhead:

All close friends, acquaintances that knew the rocker even a little bit, were aware of his love of gambling. If you were to ask people around him of how Lemmy spends his free time, you would find here that he likes to drink whiskey and spend hours in front of slots.

Even in the biographical film about Motörhead, Mr. Kilmister is seen with one-armed bandits quite a lot. He could play in total silence or be with friends while spinning the reels.

For some time, Lemmy even had one slot in his house. If Lemmy was not to be found at the party, friends knew that they could see him at the nearest slot place where he would lose track of time.

When the musician got diagnosed with terminal cancer, his friends, first of all, got him his favorite slot from the Rainbow bar & grill. Lemmy was a frequent visitor of the bar and was friendly with the owner, Mikael Maglieri.

During his last day, the legendary frontman of Motörhead played a couple of hours before Mikael came in for a chat. After that, Lemmy went to rest and later found his peace in the sleep. He was a loyal player; slots have colored his mood and brightened up the last of his days.

His passion for gambling was so great that the slot production company, NetEnt, made Motörhead Video Slot.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleNelly:

Nelly is a famous rapper, singer, songwriter, investor, entrepreneur and occasional actor. He has a remarkable music career and has won Grammy Awards twice. He has also done many supporting roles in movies.

He also runs a non-profit organization. Apart from all these activities, he is also a talented casino game player. He is rather good at playing poker, therefore plays not only in the casino, but also takes part in tournaments. He played the main event at 2007 World Series of Poker. He also took part in The PokerStars European Poker Tour and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Nelly also took part in Pokerstars Celebrity Charity at the Bahamas, although he wasn’t as lucky.

Rap star Nelly might have a powerful voice, but at the poker tables, he’s quiet and orderly, calculating every move. He’s traveled the poker circuit, heading to Monte Carlo to play in a major live poker event. And he’s been seen hitting the felt in Vegas and around the world. He’s also frequented many World Series of Poker events. In most of these games, Nelly has made some great hits.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleP. Diddy:

The well-known hip-hop artist P Diddy is a man of many talents. Born and raised in New York City, P. Diddy is famous all over the world for his rapping and songwriting. Aside from his achievements in the music industry, he seems to be a fan of Blackjack. And even more than that, he is quite good at it. According to various media reports, Diddy is also a blackjack pro and can often be found at the high-limit tables in land-based casinos. Back in 2012, when Harrahs’ Atlantic City launched their new assortment of poolside blackjack tables, Diddy was asked to sing at the opening ceremony. Not only did he perform vocally, but he also did the same thing on the blackjack tables that night. What’s more, he was asked to place the first bet on the new luxurious selection of blackjack tables. Following the latest news, he has a soft spot for blackjack and can usually be found at the high limit tables in Vegas.

Hip-hop artists are known for their love of bling, but Sean Combs (aka P Diddy) seems to be a bigger fan of chips these days. According to reports, Diddy is a dab hand at blackjack. It was away from the allure of the neon strip that Diddy showed his true colors.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleFrank Sinatra:

Don’t let his lovely voice and talent for entertainment mislead you into thinking that Ol’ Blue Eyes is innocent when it comes to gambling. Oh dear, not only did he enjoy himself by the table, but he was also known to unleash his temper on casino operators and croupiers. Especially when they denied him excessive amounts of credit, he planned to use for gambling. Still, and without a doubt, Sinatra was the embodiment of the glory days of old Las Vegas, the days that gave rise to the family-vacation amusement park that is Vegas of today… but that’s a whole different article.

Back in 1967, on one occasion, he even picked a fight with Carl Cohen, American gambling executive and the manager of the Sands casino in Las Vegas. After throwing a handful of chips into the Cohen’s face, Cohen punched him. Frank ended up on the floor, with two teeth missing.

Although he was more comfortable in a plush lounge chair sipping whiskey, the legendary crooner would also have a flutter on the most popular casino games. It was his patronage that helped make Cal-Neva Lodge, Nevada, the cool place to be. Despite being off the Vegas Strip and at the edge of the Nevada Stateline, Sinatra loved the casino and that, in turn, meant everyone else did too.

If there’s one musician that’s almost synonymous with the casino world, it’s Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes was a Vegas regular long before it became a haunt for the rich and famous. In fact, along with Davis Junior, Martin and Presley, Sinatra helped create a link between music and gambling that still thrives in Vegas today.
The singer is credited with helping the city to achieve worldwide fame as a gambling destination. He even owned his casino at one point too.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleCee Lo Green:

Did you know that Cee-Lo is, in fact, a gambling game? No? Yeah, a viral gambling game played with three six-sided dice. The rules of this game are not exact, and they vary from place to place. For instance, it can be played both with and without a banker. The mechanics are pretty simple though – all you have to do is a wager on the points and roll the dice.

Now, why would Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, pick up Cee-Lo Green to be his stage name? The answer is more than obvious – Thomas either likes to gamble, or he perceives his career as a musician to be a move of a gambler.

Famous Musician Who Like to GambleGladys Knight:

If you are an enthusiast of the soul, you must have heard Gladys’ powerful voice while she sings. Despite her being an empress of the soul, Gladys was a famous gambler.

In her book, Between Each Line and Glory, she narrates her story when she was struggling with a gambling addiction for ten years. Her love for gambling almost ruined her career and her future life. The good news is she overcame game addiction, and she is leading a normal life. In one night, the singer won 60 Grands in blackjack and then lost the money right away. One night she won 45 thousand in baccarat.

Gladys Knight is one of the most gambling loving soul singers. During her youth and at the prime of her career, she was regularly seen playing in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. During the years when gambling was her main hobby, Gladys was not afraid of being judged for waking up at 2 am in going straight to the casino. She spoke about the casino staff very respectfully and with a kind word, just like about her friends.


Casino and music have always been linked together, and things haven’t changed at all in the digital era. There are a lot of interesting stories surrounding the legendary names in the music industry, and a lot of them seem to have been really into gambling. Well, nobody can blame them. They had access to significant amounts of money, and some of them even had contracts with big casinos in Las Vegas.

You might be asking why all those musicians are so addicted to playing at the casino. Well, this is after all not too surprising as if you have already few million in the bank and time to spare then trying the adrenalin that casino can give you it is, after all, an obvious choice. Even if you already have money in the bank to live several lives the thrill of uncertainty, skill, luck, a victory that every game provides a way to feel alive. Even without being successful musicians this is the reason why many people love to spend their time on land-based casinos or online casinos: the only difference between pop stars and you is that your victory cheers won’t sound melodic!

Indeed, anytime you ante-up inside one of our recommended casinos, you’ll probably experience the same series of emotions that our celebrity players do. It is to be noted that players who involve in casino gambling online or offline should practice for fun and entertainment and should wager money which they can afford. In any case, if the players feel that they are getting addicted, they can reach for counseling to get rid of it.

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