Faizon Love Unapologetic Over Violent Valet Attack

Faizon Love Violently Attacks Valet After Threats

This is so unlike Faizon Love! According to hearsay, Faizon Love violently attacks valet after Love states that the guy spit and threatened to get violent!!!

Read on Faizon Love unapologetic over violent valet attack…

Faizon Love Violently Attacks Valet After Threats

CelebNMusic247.com has more on Faizon Love flying into a violent rage when a valet allegedly spit and threatened to get violent with Love.

Love states that he was ticked off about a $1,000 charge for long-term parking at Columbus airport. Making matters worse, the valet got lippy with Faizon. The guy basically threatening to “put hands” on Faizon.

He says his breaking point came when he turned his back, and heard the valet clear his throat to spit. however, the spit is not apparent in the surveillance video, but Faizon insists he did.

Faizon Love Violently Attacks Valet After Threats

Faizon thinks the guy needed to be taught a lesson about talking smack to people.

As he puts it … real life ain’t Twitter.

Here is what he told TMZ cameras:

We actually don’t blame Faizon Love for going into attack mode. There are too many young people these days that don’t know the word respect. The think its something they deserve. Get a clue, its something you earn.

Respect the people who are older than you. Why? Because you can learn from them, they already lived those younger days and could give you the answers so you can advance beyond them.

If he tried to spit on Love, then he needed some street life schooling. Police didn’t see it that way. Love was arrested for assault, arraigned in court Wednesday morning and released on $2,000 bond.

Faizon said:

“I’m only human no matter how many good days, i’m due to have a bad one, with that being said… i’m big on respect…”