Hold up! Faith Evans Did What to Biggie’s Derriere???

Hold up! Faith Evans Did What to Biggie's Derriere

OMG, we have a visual of this in our mind and it’s NOT looking too good for Faith Evans!

According to a new interview, Faith Evans let her freak flag fly because she revealed that she used to eat the Notorious B.I.G.‘s Derriere!

Continue on to get the latest tea spilling on Evans eating Biggie’s cookies

Hold up! Faith Evans Did What to Biggie's DerriereCelebNMusic247.com has some new tea on Faith Evans just one day after rumors started circulating that she and her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta homie Stevie J got hitched.

Hot tea was spilled on the Drink Champs podcast causing the internet to buzz about grown folks doing grown folk things.

Apparently, Faith Evans was a bit candid when it comes to dishing about her personal relationships, mainly her late husband The Notorious BIG aka Christopher Wallace.

During a podcast, Faith revealed some tea that has kind of scared our minds, but hey, if she loved it, so be it:

It might take longer than that for some people to come to terms with the information Faith Evans shared about the late “Big Poppa” rap star.

What do you think about Faith letting her freak flag fly when it came to the Notorious B.I.G.’s derriere?

Can you just see that image in your mind? #OMG #LAMO #LOL We just can’t #HAHAHA

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