Erica Mena SLAMS Malika Haqq Using Chinx For Publicity


Erica Mena SLAMS Malika Haqq Using Chinx For Publicity!!!

Love & Hip Hop NYs Erica Mena paid her respects to Chinx, then Erica Mena  SLAMS Malika Haqq Using Chinx For Publicity.


Yesterday the Hip-Hop world was saddened by the news that Far Rockaway rapper Chinx was brutally gunned down in his Porsche early on Sunday morning. has this report:

Chinx was killed and his fellow Coke Boys affiliate Yemen was left in critical condition. He leaves behind two children and alleged on-and-off wife of 13-years.

But things got all twisted when former Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena paid her respects towards Chinx online, which just paved the way for a big mess to go down.

Erica posted this photo:

Word is, Erica and Chinx had a romantic situation before her days with Rich Dollaz, which was pretty public for the most part.

But Erica was NOT the only one who paid her respects for Chinx Drugz. His recent girlfriend Malika Haqq made it clear that she was dating the deceased rapper, who is also Khloe Kardashian’s best friend.

When MTO reported the death of Chinx they took the ratchet way posting a title that would PISS people off, titling their story, “Rapper Chinx Drugz . . . French Montana’s BEST FRIEND . . . And Malika Haqq’s Boyfriend . . . Is MURDERED!!”

Tacky, right?


Earlier she BLASTED the Kardashian’s for using Lionel Pickens but Chinx Drugz wife was even more upset with Malika for going public about being his girlfriend and making her look a fool. 

Malika’s ForeverMalika Instagram account also shared fond words about Chinx approximately 15 hours ago, around 3 a.m. ET on Sunday, May 18, the day the world learned the news of Chinx being shot and killed.

Although, she meant well, the kind words looked tacky, since Chinx was a married man and she was his side piece. We doubt Chinx woul appreciate her posts, as seen below:

“There may be more beautiful times but this was ours. Forever a light in my heart. Milk loves you [broken heart emoji]”



She added:


Well her post was quickly SHUT DOWN once Erica Mena got word.

First, Erica Mena sending her condolences to his wife and then came for Malika for paying her own respects to the rapper, which Erica then took down.



TheShadeRoom, apparently, caught it all and Mena responded:

“It’s all about HIS WIFE & Kids! That’s where the respect should go. As a long time friend of his & his family I know that’s what was important to him. Period!!”

People who knew about her relations with Chinx were coming at Erica for her ratchet ways, calling her a hypocrite for trying to shade Malika when she was in the same situation as her, if not worse.

What do you think?