Erica Gets Gully With Mama Dee

(CelebNMusic247-News) Erica Gets Gully With Mama Dee

Now let be real tonight Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Erica Dixon aka the future Mrs Scrappy crossed the line with Mama Dee and Lil Scrappy.

The celebrity couple decided to have a family dinner and show their moms that they’re serious about this marriage. The only problem is Scrappy and Erica have so many issues with each other mama’s its hard to keep a calm cool.

Once the four sit down, Erica goes in on Mama Dee and things quickly turn ugly when Erica goes for blood, while Mama Dee says she’d suck the blood out her jugular if she was a Vampire…

Its the fight of fights – or shall we say hood fab on roids – 1 man 2 mamas and a hot tempered fiance makes for high drama on the Eastern seas…trust!

And just when you think things are gonna cool after the melee in the house – Erica and Scrappy go at it. The Prince grabs his things and walks out while Erica keeps firing shots. Scrap demands her to return the ring and Mama Dee is just itching to fight her sons baby mama…

All because Erica put Scrappy on BLAST forcing him to make a choice between her or his mama, a completely unfair thing to do to the man you love.

Its a mess!

After the huge blowout, Erica drives away from the house as Scrappy shouts that he wants the engagement ring back.

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