Erica Dixon’s Man is Fine But Broke Is NOT Cute


Erica Dixon’s Man is Fine But Broke Is NOT Cute!

Erica Dixon tells Karlie Redd that O’Shea financials are not in order while Waka Flocka’s fiance shows off her stylist techniques!

We all know that Waka Flocka and his fiance Tammy have been added to the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but it seems they’re not making the final cut like K Michelle on Love and Hip Hop NY.

Tonight, Tammy Shows Off Her Impeccable Style And Substance. Heralded as one of the top stylists in the game, Tammy exhibits her superb taste in fashion and style.

Take a look:

While on the other side of the A, Erica Dixon shows of her new model stud to Karlie Redd.

Redd is all eyes locked on O’Shea, while Yung Joc clowns him for promoting himself V. Stiviano style wearing a hat that says, “O’Shea Russell The Model” – Joc says that would be as bad as himself wearing a baseball cap saying “Yung Joc, The Rapper.” LOL!

Yeah, we agree, but as we all know, Erica Dixon and O’Shea are OVER and tonight we see exactly why she dumped his @ss! Last week reported that O’Shea was booking more gigs and becoming a high demand model as the Ambassador of T.I.’s of Akoo clothing line.

O’Shea offers to buy drinks for the four of them, but when it comes time to pay the check, he asks Erica for her credit card????

After the bowling date, Erica and Karlie compare notes about their new men. Listen to Erica and Karlie having some girl talk about their men.

Beauty is all good, but broke is NOT beautiful! – Ocho Brinco


Would you date a man that has no money????