Eric Benet Calls Out Salt And Pepper Haters

Eric Benet Calls Out Salt And Pepper Haters

Eric Benet Calls Out Salt And Pepper Haters!

Over the holiday weekend, R&B singer Eric Benet was criticized for his mature looks, and he didn’t take to kind to any of it. Read on… reports that Eric Benet FIRED BACK at the haters who apparently had a lot of time on their hands.

Eric Benet wasn’t here for social media’s criticism on his appearance so he sounded off saying:

Lemme See What Yo’ Soda-Drinking, Chicken McNugget Eatin’ A** Look Like At 53-Years-Old!

90s heartthrob Benet posted a video on social media showing off his signature dreadlocks and chest-bearing shirt.

The only difference these days is Eric is sporting the salt and pepper look that caught music fans off guard this weekend when he and collaborator, Tamia. The duo sang a virtual version of their 1999 hit, “Spend My Life With You.”

Social media was NOT TOO KIND to Eric who is only 53-years-old:

Eric Benet had a message for those that trolled his maturity on social media:

After my last post, I’m getting a lotta “D*mn what happened to Eric Benèt?” comments. Im like 30 years happened nucca!!

He continued, laying into the millennials’ comments:

Lemmie see what yo’ soda drinking, chicken McNugget eatin’ ass look like at 53yrs old! [laugh emojis]

You say it Eric. Ya still looking good man!

Eric Benet Calls Out Salt And Pepper Haters

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