Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson Aren't Prankin'; They Dating

Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson Aren’t Prankin’; They Dating


Just when you thought you would be saying No Way Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson are dating, Eric chronicles his Valentines Day with his girlfriend Rosario Dawson!!!

Yes, we said Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson are a couple…

Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson Aren't Prankin'; They Dating

Actually they compliment each other. Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson are probably opposites but that is what makes their relationship work and we love it.

Eric Andre has a wacky, fun and over the top sense of humor. Have you seen his series on Adult Swim? When it came to Eric saying that he was sending love to his girlfriend Rosario Dawson, people thought he was joking.

Guess what? He wasn’t!

Eric took to Instagram to shut the disbelievers down…no NOT Beliebers! Anyways, Erica and Rosario want everyone to know they ain’t pranking, they are officially dating.

Eric Andre + Rosario Dawson Aren't Prankin'; They Dating

Eric wrote on his IG:

“I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank. ???”

He followed that with this:

“???????????????#valentine #rosariov”

Rosario posted this video of her boyfriend Eric, thanking him make her laugh everyday.

She writes:

“Thank you for making me laugh all day everyday Boobay! #Valentines #JustGetMadAtMichaelBolton @EricFuckingAndre can do that… #YouMakeMeSoVeryHappy #ImSoGladYouCameIntoMyLife #BTS”

She also posted this video:

At the end of the day a girl just wants a guy who pays attention to her. Makes her laugh, loves her and treats her like the queen she deserves. Obviously Eric does that for Rosario.

Congrats to you both.

Here are more cute photos of Eric and Rosario below:

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