Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman NOT Headed For Breakup

Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman NOT Headed For Breakup


Despite numerous websites claiming that Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman are heading for a holiday breakup, you can relax because its all bogus!

We can confirm that Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman NOT headed for breakup. Read on…

Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman NOT Headed For Breakup

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CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman despite a completely made-up report in one of this week’s tabloids.

We’ve learned the truth for our friends over at Gossip Cop that the news is completely made up.

Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman NOT Headed For Breakup Details:

Banks SUED For Walk of Shame

It was said, by Star, that Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are having marriage trouble, but the unreliable magazine fails to elaborate on what that entails.

Banks is currently promoting Pitch Perfect 3, which she produced alongside her husband, but a so-called “source” says she’s banned “questions about her family” during the film’s press tour.

Banks To Direct Charlie’s Angels Reboot

The questionable insider claims:

“Liz has always been quite a private person, but she’s been particularly adamant about avoiding the subject lately.”

GP also reveals that the bogus article was written simply because Banks attended last week’s premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 without her wedding ring. While the fake news is circulating throughout numerous outlets, Banks and Handelman are pressing on happily married. The producing partners are currently working on a handful of projects together, including a big-screen Charlie’s Angels reboot and various TV shows.

This isn’t the first time that the untrustworthy tabloid has created nonexistent marriage trouble between celebrity couples. The magazine’s sister outlet, RadarOnline falsely claiming that Pitch Perfect 3 was delayed over a feud between Banks and Anna Kendrick.

Banks to Direct Pitch Perfect 2

Yeah, none of it was true either. Both outlets love to create turmoil in celebrities lives to sell magazine and get traffic.

Keep up the good work! SMH

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