Ed Sheeran Officially Off the Market

Ginger singer Ed Sheeran confirmed in a video interview with iHeart Radio’s Charlamagne The God that he is married.

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CelebNMusic247.com reports that British singer Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he and his longtime love Cherry Seaborn had tied the knot.

On Friday, Ed Sheeran dropped his new album, No.6 Collaborations Project in addition to the news that he is married.

When Charlamagne Tha God asks about his more personal lyrics on “Remember the Name,” featuring Eminem and 50 Cent, the tea was revealed in the lyrics which read:

Watch how the lyrics in the songs might get twisted / My wife wears red, but looks better without the lipstick.

Sheeran, 28, told Charlamagne:

It was actually before me and Cherry got married and I knew that we’d be married by the point that the song came out.

He adds:

[I thought] Someone’s gonna hear that and be like, ‘Oh, they’re married!’ I didn’t know how that would be construed, but obviously, it’s already come out.

His new album is filled with Easter eggs about getting married and his new wife.

In the song, “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber, Sheeran also referenced the nuptials when discussing the lead single from the record.

He explained to :

Bieber just got married. I’d just got married. That song is about being at an industry event with the woman you love, or the person you love, and kind of being like, ‘F— this, let’s just have fun ourselves.’

He added:

It was actually Cherry’s idea, because she was like, ‘Oh, why don’t you get Bieber? Like, he’d be perfect for this … it just fits.’

Ed Sheeran Officially Off the Market



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