Dwight Howard Leaving LA For The Houston Rockets

Dwight Howard Leaving LA For The Houston Rockets-705-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsDwight Howard Leaving LA For The Houston Rockets?

Well Dwight Howard is NO LONGER a LA Laker anymore, because Houston has more to offer?

Howard’s signing with the Houston Rockets cannot be official until July 10, according to agent.

Maybe this may be premature, but Howard has made the announcement so now we have to wait on whether he will sign outright with Houston or work out some sort of sign-and-trade with the Lakers.

Howard spent one disastrous, injury-plagued year with the Lakers after they acquired him in a trade from the Orlando Magic.

At this point Howard heading to Houston is NOT OFFICIAL as of yet and his agent says he has not made a decision … and Howard is known to change is mind.

We wonder if Kobe Bryant will care too terribly much?

Stay tuned to see what happens….