Dutchess FIRES Shots at her Critics

Dutchess FIRES Shots at her Critics-105-3

(CelebNMusic247-NewsDutchess FIRES Shots at her Critics

Dutchess has come under fire with the way that she has been portrayed on the Black Ink Crew so now she’s speaking out on her Instagram.

Last week Dutchess wrote this open letter to the media who she feels has been judging her by watching the show and not knowing who the real Duh is. On episode 2 of Black Ink all was revealed, since Puma was fired and she’s has it in for Sassy, so she took her frustrations and aired her feelings on Instagram to her followers keeping things street. But does street really work with Black Ink?

Dutchess NEEDS to know that she signed up for reality TV and this is the cost of being in front of the cameras eye.

Dutchess writes:

“People don’t look at a 60min show per week and judge anyone there are 10,080 mins in a week. You are watching TV I’m human and I’m honest and I actually don’t sugar coat my life and give the people bull shit I give the real, the good, the bad and the ugly if you can’t respect my truth I apologize to u but my everyday life isn’t always peachy. And alot of the good times are edited out, the viewers want drama so that’s what they give u don’t judge me for the standards if our society. Me and cease are in a REAL relationship we have ups and downs but we love each other”

She continues:

“I’m human and I’m not going to be an actor I don’t know how to do that but I allow people to see my entire being and if they take out and remix shit I can’t be mad but I can expect my TRUE supporters to open their minds. This is TV they choose to use what they think will make them the most money. They gave us an opportunity that we all didn’t expect to be this major and for that I am grateful but after grad school I was making the same money I make now money isn’t the issue believe me (its not that lucrative till you are seasoned) this is only season2. I worked at black ink before we had a TV show but I was the newest and for that I guess I have to be everyone’s scape goat. (new kid in school mentality) I’m trying to have tough skin but this was not what I expected. If I let anyone down Because of my decision I truly apologize but I know my abilities and money isn’t everything. No amount of money can buy my morals or values. I appreciate everything thus far but I have to do what’s right. Thank u to everyone who has shown me love I have truly needed it with all that I’ve been through. I’m now recovering so I can’t hurt while I heal. God bless u all!”

The post that allegedly set things off for Dutchess was this photo with this comment by Sassy!

Check it:


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