Dutchess Almost Dies In Jamacia After Caesar Break Up


(CelebNMusic247 – NewsDutchess Almost Dies In Jamacia After Caesar Break Up

Tonight on Black Ink Crew Dutchess heart can’t take it when Caesar and she have a blow out argument that results in the couple SPLITTING UP!

Tonight’s Black Ink Crew delivered a harsh reality check in the form of a profanity-laden speech from Walt and Dutchess‘ heart condition reminding us all of our own mortality!

Caesar has hit his boiling point and can no longer take it with Dutchess and her negativity on Black Ink Crew tonight. Despite Puma telling Caesar to leave Queen Dutchess in Harlem, he brings his future ex-girlfriend to Jamaica.

The only problem is Dutchess and Caes differences are prevalent and by the time the plane touches down in Jamaica he is over it with her. The two get off the plane and are in the car heading to the hotel when Dutchess continues to complain.

By the time the two step out of the car, Caesar tells Dutchess that she needs to stop being negative. She comes back saying when people attack her she has to defend herself. That is when  T.I. confronts Dutchess and asks “who are you defending?” Then he drops the bomb and says he wants out of the relationship and its over. Dutchess makes a desperate attempt to hug him and say no.

Caes ends up heading to the room when Dutchess calls him and asks to meet with him downstairs in the lobby. The two sit down and Caesar says he is sick of losing friends over her antics and lies. She say she wants to fix all of it, but for Caesar it’s too late. He tells her a second time he is DONE and no longer wants to be with her. Caesar breaks up with Dutchess.

He heads to the bar, running into Teddy and telling him that he and Dutchess are OVER! Dutchess gets on the phone and cries to her mother about the break up. She is completely heartbroken and heads to the the airport, but on he walk towards the cab, she collapses. Dutchess can’t breath, and has a full out attack fighting to breath in a gripping/shocking break up with Dutchess almost dying and Caesar or any of the Black Ink Crew is there to save her.

Hotel guests run to her rescue and paramedics are called to save Dutchess, while Caesar is telling Teddy that he is single. Caesar is clueless to Dutchess almost dying while taking a long walk on the beach to calm down.