Drake Kissing 17-Year-Old Resurfaces; Is He Next?

Drake Kissing 17-Year-Old Resurfaces; Is He Next?

Following the “Surviving R. Kelly,” six episode docu-series Drake kissing a 17-ear-old girl on stage surfaces.

Before you start calling Drake the next R. Kelly watch the full video because it’s NOT what you think. Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com reports in the video you see Drake asking a girl to come up on stage she looks possibly of age, but Drake doesn’t ask.

Instead, Drake starts off dancing with the girl and after a spin, he presses up behind her and begins to caress her body.

Drake suddenly stops and finally decides to ask the girl:

Y’all gonna have me get carried away again. I get in trouble for sh*t like this; how old are you?

When she replies to him saying “I’m 17.”

The crowd boos Drake as many are instantly disapproving his actions. You hear the men in the audience laughing and saying “ahh,” not sure if they approve or disapprove.

The Champagnepapi immediately backs off saying:

I can’t go to jail yet, man! Seventeen? How do you look like that? You thick. Look at all this.

Everything was legit with Drake until he made the situation a bit awkward.

Drake is seen telling the 17-year-old teenager that he had fun with her and liked the way her breasts felt against his chest.

Aubrey Drake Graham ended her time with him on stage with a kiss on both cheeks, her forehead and then on the lips. At the time of the incident, Drake was 23. He is now 32-years-old. The incident was 9-years-ago, but since the #MeToo movement women are dredging up the past and an incident with a man to take them down.

Despite the incident being awkward, Drake did NOT take the girl backstage, nor did he slip her his phone number. Drake is NOT R. Kelly and he has NOT done anything like this since. He learned back then this was a big no-no.

Not to mention the legal age of consent in Colorado where the incident took place is 17, so he wasn’t doing anything illegal in that state.

We have to stop dredging up the past and trying to make something out of nothing. We are sorry for all the women who feel uncomfortable, but check #FACTS first.

At this point, Drake needs to address this and apologize before it all gets blown out of proportion.

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