Drake & Blac Chyna BLAST Tyga


Drake & Blac Chyna BLAST Tyga

The REAL Love and Hip Hop was all going down on Instagram this weekend when Drake & Blac Chyna BLAST Tyga after Kylie Jenner posted a photo with her rumored “boyfriend” Tyga, 25, on Instagram.

The labelmates have been feuding ever since Tyga called Drake a FAKE! The two rappers have been going at it ever since on social media making weekly digs. 

Kylie and Tyga, who claim that they are NOT DATING, showed up as a couple to Adam Lambert’s Halloween Bash as the Bride of Chucky couple.

We previously reported on Tyga and Kylie’s Halloween costumes as they landed in out Hip Hop Best Worst & Scariest Halloween costume of 2014 list.

Let’s be real, Mona Scott-Young hired the wrong people in hip hop because Tyga, Blac Chyna and Drake would have been perfect to bring up the ratings, but I guess she didn’t want to pay them while exploiting them. Instead they’re doing it all for free and it’s better than Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, New York or Atlanta.

Here is the hot tea the spilled on Instagram this weekend:

First Blac Chyna fired off these shots after 17-year-old Kylie Jenner posted this photo of she and Tyga as killer couple Bride of Chucky:


Chyna was unamused and FIRED OFF these SHOTS:




T-Raww quickly FIRED back calling Kylie a hoe, saying:



That is when Drizzy Drake stepped in weighing in on Tyga, calling him sad boy Entertainment.


Drake BLASTED Tyga with these tweets:


Then Drake adds this photo hanging out with Kylie:


Last week Birdman CHECKED Tyga saying if he comes for family then he no longer exists. That didn’t stop the SHADE because Blac Chyne came at her ex with this:

Shortly after the Blac Chyna and Drake BASHING, Tyga allegedly hacked his baby mamas twitter calling her a gold digger, but using her account. We previously reported on Chyna claiming that Tyga hacked her twitter, but her is the screenshot we missed:


What we found interesting is that Khloe Kardashian had a Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hampton’s premiere party and when she does a role call, Kylie and Tyga’s names are mentioned in the tweet. So whatdid Khloe do? Delete the evidence that they two are coupled up of course.

Take a look at the screen shot via our friends at TheShadeRoom: