Does Rapper Drake Have COVID-19 After Exposure

Does Rapper Drake Have COVID-19 After Exposure

Does Rapper Drake Have COVID-19 After Exposure?

Drizzy Drake was spotted hanging with New York Nets star Kevin Durant just days before he admitted that he has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Read on to find out what Drake is doing to stay safe of COVID-19 infection after hanging with Kevin Durant…


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life is a race and the grim reaper catches up…till then glasses up

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on reports that Drake has taken measures to have himself self-isolated after the breaking news from Durant.

On March 17th reported that New York Nets star Kevin Durant was one of four Nets who tested positive for COVID-19.

The players contracted the infection following a game against the Utah Jazz. Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to contract the virus and was caught days before joking around about COVID-19, touching mics, tables and other players.

Two days later Rudy tested positive and then issued an apology for his behavior. Since then his teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive. The Nets played the Jazz and now four Nets have tested positive.

The Nets played the Lakers after the Jazz and now ALL Los Angeles Lakers player are being tested. But ALL players NEED to retrace their steps on who they were hanging out with for at least a week before testing positive.

Everyone NEEDS to be notified and tested. This is how it is spreading. We can only bet that Drake and Kevin at some point shook hands, gave a dap or something. If the men did not wash their hands for 20 seconds plus and touched their face, that is all that has to happen. The average person touches their face 23 times per hour, that is 276 times a day.

Wash your hands, don’t be that guy who touches his junk in the bathroom and doesn’t wash his hands. You know who you are men!

Drake Self Isolating:

It could just be coincidence, but Drake posted video from the basketball court in his Toronto mansion. He said, “My life for the next however long.” Makes it sound like he’s self-quarantining … perhaps out of an abundance of safety?

Check out the video here…

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