Does Jay Z Have Another Son?


Does Jay Z Have Another Son?!?

The resemblance is uncanny, but RUMORS have been swirling since a photo of a little boy who looks just like Jay Z surfaced having fans ask dDoes Jay Z Have Another Son? came across a photo that a woman posted of herself holding the cutie onto Reddit, along with the caption, ”My friend’s son looks like Jay Z?”

The boy, who appears to be around two or so, literally is a mini-Jay Z. In fact, the tyke looks so much like Hova, commenters on a Huffington Post article are wondering if the toddler could maybe be Jay’s illegitimate child. Commenters on Reddit, on the other hand, are speculating that Jay Z either found the fountain of youth or “is making clones and then moving his soul from one to another.” Either argument is highly unlikely, but I’d say the clone story is the most cogent out of the theories.

Behold your eyes on baby mini-Jay Z, everyone. 

While the photo could be harmless, some people are wonder if Jay Z had a clone of himself made?  And what is even more freaky is the other little boy on the left bears a resemblance to Tiger Woods.

Take a look:


This isn’t the first time Jay Z has appeared in a time period other than the here and now. Last year, another Redditer discovered this 1939 photo of a man in Harlem who looks eerily similar to Jay Z, as well.

What are your thoughts?

Clones or Coincidence?