DMX Going Back to Jail

DMX Going Back to Jail

DMX is going back to jail! Yup, it happened Dark man X has ended up going back to the slammer for violation of his probation.

Read on to get the tea spilling on DMX

DMX Going Back to is not surprised by the news that DMX violated his probation. It seems that he never seems to learn his lesson.

But we don’t blame DMX, we blame the people X surrounds himself around. Everyone around him knows that he has addiction problems, but the seem to keep hooking him up.

Not only that, it appears the rapper, who has 15 kids continues to spiral out of control when there is no one looking out for his wellbeing. They all seem to be worried about his money and not his health.

Without DMX alive, their money won’t be coming in. He is only worth $10 million and if you divided that by his kids that is only $667K for each kid. That is not including his back taxes and whatever debt he has. Plus, if he doesn’t have a will in place, then it all goes to his family or possibly his first wife.

TMX reports:

DMX is going back to jail — he was taken into custody in a Manhattan court Tuesday morning for failing drug tests … a violation of his probation in his tax evasion case.

We’re told the judge ruled X was a flight risk after testing positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone.

It was reported that X was supposed to be completing rehab while he was out on bail in his tax evasion case. He’d been given some leeway to travel for performances as of late. Apparently, DMX had told a “great big lie” when he agreed to his bail terms.

DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, told us, “I’m saddened and disappointed. We’ll have to deal with it accordingly.”

He’s set to be sentenced in March.