DMX Ex Wife Homeless

DMX Ex Wife Homeless?!?

According to reports, DMX Ex Wife Homeless, the rappers ex-wife, Tashera Simmons and kids will soon be without a roof over their heads. is hearing that a NY judge is ordering the family home where Tashera Simmons and Earl Simmons kids live NEEDS to be sold off at foreclosure. X has been out of the news since April when we last heard about DMX’s gas station stick up.

Despite DMX Family homeless, Tashera emotional plea to allow her to keep a roof over her kids heads that she shares with the Dark Man X has apparently been denied.

Here is what we are hearing via the RUMOR Mill, MTO:

DMX aka Divine Master Unknown – along with his ex Tashera Simmons – were sued back in 2013 by the bank who claimed they hadn’t paid a penny on the home in over 1400 days … since 2008. The lawsuit accused them of owing over $258,927 in back payments. They filed suit demanding they be allowed to foreclose on the Mt. Kisco, NY home … the case is still being fought in court.


The former Ruff Ryder has yet to even respond to the complaint but his ex-wife has been battling the bank to keep her home recently

Tashera filed docs recently in the case … in which she accused the bank of shady business by taking advantage of the fact she didn’t have a lawyer at the settlement conference

She explained that she attended multiple settlement conferences …but she did not have any money to hire a lawyer so she went by herself. During the meetings she said the bank never told her she could modify the loan or the other options they were suppose to present. She stated they only kept telling her to bring a lawyer to the next meeting and then the next … but she didn’t have money so she couldn’t. At the last meeting they told her there would be no more settlement talks

Tashera explained the only thing that stood out from the meetings was one of DMX’s creditor – a company named Amusing Diversions – tried to disrupt the conferences and end any settlement talks so the home could be sold at foreclosure … so they could collect on the debt the rapper owed them

She explained the creditor “went on and on about the fact that my ex-husband is a famous rapper so that she should be able to pay for the house (neglecting the fact that he had abandoned out family and that we, at that time, were not receiving his assistance at all)

According to her affidavit … she stated DMX failed to defend himself in a legal battle with the creditor and they won a small judgement which has grown to a huge debt because he hasn’t paid it … which has allowed them to take a brownstone they owned and also put a lien on the home she has lived in for years with her children. Tashera pleaded with the court to allow her to work out a deal with the bank to keep a roof over her kids heads.

Then on June 18th … the New York judge came back with his decision in the case. The judge was no persuaded by Tashera’s emotional plea to keep a home for her kids. He ordered that the bank can move forward with the foreclosure sale and Tashera will need to vacate the home as a result.

Rumor has it, since DMX divorce he has NOT helped his ex Tashera Simmons after she BLASTED him several times in the media.  Could it be Tashera Simmons is completely broke?

What do you think?