DJ Khaled Sues Company For Using His Son Asahd’s Name

DJ Khaled Sues Company For Using His Son Asahd's Name

DJ Khaled is quick to sue a company for using his son’s name Asahd for branding, but the hip-hop mogul can’t pay Instagram model Iryana Ivanova for his “I’m The One” video?

Read on to see why DJ Khaled is suing the company and their shady business ways by stealing known celebrity names trying to claim them their own…

DJ Khaled Sues Company For Using His Son Asahd's NameOne thing can attest to is that all we can all learn from DJ Khaled who is that he a master at branding!

Not to mention, that DJ Khaled has coined many catchphrases simply by drilling it through everyone’s head through Instagram and Snapchat. Which leads us to the latest issue that has rubbed him the wrong way.

DJ Khaled isn’t feeling it when it comes to a company for allegedly illegally using his son, Asahd’s, name for their brand.

Khaled has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Curtis Bordenave and his company Business Consulting after they allegedly ripped off Asahd’s name as well as his catchphrase. Yes, the company thought they could get away with using the catchphrase, “We The Best,” something that Khaled has been saying since the start of his hip-hop career.

The company reportedly filed trademarks for “Asahd Couture,” “Asahd” and “We The Best Lifestyle,” reports TMZ.

In the legal documents, Khaled says the company made apparel including his son’s name. He claims it created confusion among consumers and brought it unfair profits for the company.

Strangely enough, Khaled’s reportedly working on a new business called “Haddad Brands” and claims Bordenave made attempts to prevent him from using “Asahd” for his own branding.

According to Khaled, Bordenave has also tried to trademark other celebrity names such as Cardi B, Stormi and Cynthia Bailey for his own use.

DJ Khaled is seeking any profits made off of the brand as well as having Bordenave put a halt to any of his brands using Asahd’s name.

We don’t blame Khaled for going hard!

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