DJ Akademiks Says Nicki Minaj “Fell Off The F Off”

DJ Akademiks Says Nicki Minaj "Fell Off The F Off"

DJ Akademiks straight-up states Nicki Minaj NEEDS to KEEP his name out her mouth or the Pettiness will start!

He says he is the worst, the pettiness, the bottom feeder that you NEVER want to mess with. He is calling Nicki out!  Akademiks continues to unleash on Nicki Minaj stating that she is a better rapper than Cardi B, but Cardi makes better songs. Read on… reports that DJ Akademiks goes on a TIRADE ripping Nicki Minaj for her song Megatron, calling it a bullsh-t ass song.

DJ Akademiks was on Twitch and was TURNT THE F UP trash-talking Nicki Minaj while drinking some Henny and Tequilla.

He goes on to say she is a Queen, a legend, but these days Nicki Minaj is drowning. Then he tells her to STOP biting off Jamaican culture when she is NOT Jamaican.

He goes on to say he LOVES the BS, so get ready because here is what he said:

Ask her about Drake. Ask her why the f*ck is her music flopping. ‘Megatron’ went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks.

He also added:

She can’t stay on the charts unless it’s a remix or somebody’s song who’s already been popping. Your music, when you’re making full songs, is old and regurgitated.

Akademiks states he will NEVER be team Nicki or team Cardi, he is the devil’s spawn. He is team me, “I don’t pick sides.”

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