Disney Star Orlando Brown SNAPS On Girlfriend

Disney Star Orlando Brown SNAPS On Girlfriend

Former That’s So Raven star Orlando Brown SNAPS On Girlfriend!

Orlando Brown has already been called out by Raven-Symonè back in 2018 when he claimed he wanted to marry her and that he was the son of Michael Jackson while wearing snake eyes contacts.

Fast forward to now, Orlando Brown needs help, and so does his new girlfriend. Their relationship it completely toxic or she is scared to leave him. Read on to see how Orlando Brown SNAPS Girlfriend…

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that yesterday, the Disney star threatened to murder his girlfriend on Instagram Live.

Coming off the coattails by Orlando Brown’s accusations about Will Smith, the actor is now seen threatening his new girlfriend of InstaLive.

Given Orlando’s mental heath issues, fans of the former Disney star are worried that he may eventually harm the young woman.

What was crazy is that Orlando livestreamed an argument he was having with his girlfriend, who the actor claims is pregnant.

Maybe he is bipolar because his actions are TURNT UP or TURNT OFF – it’s a bit scary to watch.

During the video Orlando gets so angry he makes homicidal threats.

He is seen yelling at her and saying:

Stop playing, before I slice your f*cking neck. B*tch shut up, before I knock you the f*ck out.

One of Orlando’s followers claim that they reported the actor to the police. It’s not clear what action, if any, was taken by law enforcement.

At least someone was trying to do the right thing because this is a recipe for disaster. And hopefully, his new girlfriend doesn’t end up battered.

He is coming off straight up crazy. He needs help! ASAP!

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