Cameron Boyce Last Words

Cameron Boyce Last Words

Over the weekend, Disney’s Descendants star Cameron Boyce suddenly passed away in his sleep at the age of 20.

Two months before Cameron Boyce passed away, the Disney star gave what wound up being his final interview. Continue on… reports that Cameron Boyce was an incredible human being. He was classy and honorable.

Cameron Boyce was mature beyond his years and somebody who really understood and honored those who came before him.

He spoke with two months before he passed about philanthropy, Joe Biden and Clinton to Haute Living.

Boyce opened up about the “long line of difference makers” in his family who helped cultivate in him a passion to work hard at his craft — and help make the world a little bit better.

I’m following in the footsteps of some really strong men and women who have shown me what it means to give back. It’s the greatest way to fulfill yourself. Every time I talk to someone who shares that similar passion, we talk about how there aren’t many feelings more euphoric. Changing someone else’s life positively changes yours for the better as well.

Cameron was of black and Jewish ancestry, was the grandson to a civil rights pioneer in Jo-Ann Boyce, who was a member of the Clinton 12, marking the dozen black teenagers who integrated into a Clinton, Tennessee public school in 1956.

The Descendants star opened up about the difference she’d made in his life, too, saying:

She’s a huge part of who I am. Being African American and Jewish, I have plenty of ancestors and family members that I can look to for strength, and more importantly, for a grateful outlook on life. Every one of them clawed and scratched for my sister and I to be in the position we’re in today.

He said about his activism:

Many people have the heart to give back, but a lot don’t know how to. I try to be the bridge for those people– whether that means getting them involved in one of my campaigns or inspiring them by showing them a blueprint of how to get others engaged.

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