Diddy’s Son, King Combs Almost Killed By Drunk Driver

Diddy's Son, King Combs Almost Killed By Drunk Driver

Diddy’s Son, King Combs Almost Killed By Drunk Driver!

According to reports, King Combs suffered minor injuries in a car crash overnight in Beverly Hills, California. Read on for more details on King Combs almost killed…

CelebnMusic247.com reports King Combs, got smoked in his Ferrari by a Tesla, and though both drivers were okay, the guy in the Tesla got taken away in cuffs.

King Combs was involved in a car accident a little after midnight in Bev Hills when cops say a man in a Tesla speeding down Sunset Blvd. lost control and smashed into King’s red Ferrari.

We’re told Diddy’s son suffered injuries, but was treated at the scene and didn’t need to be taken to the hospital. He’s super lucky because both cars were totaled.

Diddy’s son King took to social media breaking his silence.

King Combs revealed (above):

Thank you, GOD?? thank you to everybody who reached out! Last night was crazy seen my life flash before my eyes. I was hit by a drunk driver! Everybody out there do not DRINK AND DRIVE Thank GOD I walked out ALIVE ?? now back in the stu!!

The Tesla driver failed his drunk driving field test and was arrested for DUI, reports TMZ.

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