Diddy Solution for Lackluster Club Life

Diddy Solution for Lackluster Club Life

After Diddy was out in Atlanta clubbing he left feeling like the night was a BUST after “seeing the lack of dancing and engagement between males and females.”

Read on to see what Diddy solution is for lackluster club life in the A is that its time for the DIDDY DANCE party

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Diddy who is known to have some of the best parties in the hip hop game and knows how to have a good time was bothered by Atlanta’s clubs.

Diddy took to social media stating:

I got this idea after being out in the clubs in Atlanta this past weekend, seeing the lack of dancing and engagement between males and females. Everyone was just standing around smoking blunts and looking at each other. It just doesn’t look like y’all having as much fun as I know y’all can have. That’s why we need to separate our parties. You need the #DIDDYDANCEPARTY and then you need that other party. The other party cool sometimes too but the DIDDY DANCE party is necessary. DIDDY DANCE PARTIES COMING SOON!!!!!

The news comes a few days after Diddy was out in Vegas at Mayweather’s club, but Floyd denied him when he only wanted to pay $5K instead of the $10K fee the club requires.

50 Cent took to P Diddy’s defense stating that Floyd messed up big time with Diddy.

Do you need more inspiration?

No worries, Diddy got you:


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#DIDDYDANCEPARTY coming to a city near you soon!! @YG what up!? ??

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