Did Simon Cowell Waste His Money On Britney?

(CelebNMusic247) Did Simon Cowell Waste His Money On Britney?

After watching the most boring second season of X- Factor we want Simon to realize he has wasted his money on Britney Spears.

Maybe we are calling it too soon, but Britney is dreadful as a judge and is NOT worth the $15 million spent. If you have seen the new season, you may have noticed that Demi Lovato [who is only getting paid $3 million] is doing it when it comes to judging.

Lovato, who comes a Disney background like Britney has way more knowledge and expertise like a seasoned judge.

Word is, Mariah Carey is doing an excellent job during the filming of American Idol and Christina Aguilera has nothing to worry about in the competition realm of drawing an audience on The Voice.

Since The Voice and X-Factor have both aired this fall, The Voice is in the lead for ratings. The X-Factor was way more interesting with Paula and Nicole last year, but obviously Simon thought he needed to change things up and we have to say…it was a bad choice.

We love Demi Lovato, but Britney gets two thumbs down as a judge…she may have looked spicy in the previews, but when since the show has aired it does NOT hold my interest what so ever.

X-Factor is a SNORE Fest this season.

Hopefully, the show will ignite when the add the male and female host.

Right now it is said Mario Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne and 106 & Park’s Rocsi is in the running.

We are hoping for Mario and Khloe, but we will see, because word is Rocsi may have it in the bag now.

Either way we look at it the show is flatline and we’re not sure they can rescue it.

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